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  Board of Directors:
Edward Manley, Founder and Chairman
Maya Manley, Founder and Secretary
Clint Greenbaum, Founder and Treasurer
Elisa Greenbaum, Vice Chair
Sam Schwartz, Vice President, Research
Greg Taubin, Board Member
David Almeida, Board Member
Charlie McMahon, Board Member
Audrey Manley, Board Member
Susan Rubin, Board Member

Medical Advisors:
Jeffrey Allen, MD, Director of Clinical Neuro-Oncology, NYU School of Medicine
Dr. Karl F. Kothbauer of Lucerne Cantonal Hospital, Switzerland
Oren J. Becher, MD, Assistant Professor, Departments Of Pediatrics and Pathology, Duke University Medical Center

Ongoing Care Team:
Sabina Bragg, M.Ed. CAS: SBL, SDL: Education Consultant
Jean Donnelly, PhD: Psychologist
Marcia Greenleaf, PhD: Psychologist, Clinical Director & Family Advisor
Lincoln Hess, MD: Adolescent and Pediatric Psychiatry
Susan Leslie, PhD: Neuropsychological Consultant/Educational Advocate
Lissa Parsonnet, PhD: Psychologist
Sallie Sanborn, MS. CCLS: Psychotherapist
Patricia Weiner, MS, CCLS: Consultant/Special Education and IEP Specialist

Daniel Lipka, Executive Director
Jennifer Samuels, Office Administrator

Writing & Design:
Robin Hardman, Writer/Editor
Thomas Baldwin, Webmaster

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