Dean’s 10th Birthday

“In honor of Dean’s 10th birthday, please support Making Headway Foundation, a charity near and dear to our hearts. As you all know Dean was diagnosed with a JAP when he was three years old and subsequently a reoccurrence when he was five and he needed treatment. It was during this time that we met Maya and we learned about The Making Headway Foundation, which she co-founded with her husband. Maya was always there to offer a kind word of support for me, snacks, crafts and a clown (which he happened to not be interested in) for Dean.” – Ziegler Family

Making Headway Foundation’s mission is to provide care and comfort for children with brain and spinal cord tumors while funding medical research geared to better treatments and a cure. No matter what is happening in the world, Making Headway Foundation will always be focused on providing Care, Comfort, and a Cure for children with brain or spinal cord tumors. Your support inspires us to forge ahead in innovative directions with new initiatives, always focused on helping the children and their families to navigate through a difficult journey and hope for a better life.