Dean’s 11th Birthday

“In honor of Dean’s 11th birthday, please support Making Headway Foundation, a charity near and dear to our hearts. As you all know Dean was diagnosed with a JAP when he was three years old and subsequently a reoccurrence when he was five and he needed treatment. It was during this time that we met Maya and we learned about The Making Headway Foundation, which she co-founded with her husband. Maya was always there to offer a kind word of support for me, snacks, crafts and a clown for Dean.

Our brave son has had a long healing journey, but he continues to amaze us every day, while also keeping us on our toes, as an eleven year old should. Thanks to charities such as The Making Headway Foundation our journey is being made a little easier.”  – Ziegler Family

25 years ago, Making Headway Foundation was established with an ambitious mission to provide compassionate care for children and families impacted by a pediatric brain or spinal cord tumor, as well as to fund vital medical research. What started as help for just a few has grown into assistance for thousands, through a wide range of programs, services, and research investments. Having a child with a brain or spinal cord tumor will always be devastating. Beyond the best possible medical care, families need support and resources that begin at the hospital and radiate outward with educational and counseling services, advocacy, and so much more. For 25 years, Making Headway has stood with the children and their families, helping and supporting them with the vital services they need, for as long as they need it.