Once the hospital stay has ended, Making Headway continues its high level of support for families that would otherwise be left to cope for themselves. Our Ongoing Care Program provides a diverse variety of free-of-charge support services, including support groups, individual psychological counseling and educational advocacy. For parents who have lost children, we offer periodic bereavement groups and assistance with funeral expenses.

One of the most serious challenges facing the survivor of a brain or spinal cord tumor is returning to school. Most children experience learning disabilities and many have difficulties adjusting socially as a result of their surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. Making Headway offers free-of-charge, long-term educational counseling to address these issues.
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When a child returns to school after treatment, parents and school personnel are often unprepared for the resulting cognitive and social deficits. Many children are unable to keep up with their peers, fall behind academically, and may experience rejection and social isolation. Parents may not be fully aware of the child’s rights under federal law, or understand how best to advocate for their child.

The Making Headway Foundation offers families the services of trained, experienced educational specialists who:

  • Advocate for the child
  • Assist the family and school in identifying appropriate support and accommodations
  • Ensure the school provides these services, as required by law

Meet our on-going care team.

A child’s serious illness is an intensely personal experience for the whole family. Making Headway Foundation offers free-of-charge individual counseling sessions, conducted in person or by phone, with licensed psychologists who are specialists in dealing with the unique issues local families in this situation face.
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A child’s illness can lead to a range of family or marital stress. Some people need help understanding or working through difficult and painful feelings. Others have a hard time finding the language to articulate their feelings or concerns. Experienced, expert psychological care may be just as important as medical care. Making Headway understands this, and funds free programs both in and out of the hospital for anyone in need, including the sick child, parents, and siblings. This short-term individual counseling provides a valuable opportunity for children and parents to find ways to cope with their experience.

See our on-going care team.

Since our founding, Making Headway education specialists have provided hundreds of children with thousands of hours of educational counseling and advocacy—often lasting throughout the child’s educational career—to help them succeed in school.