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The “Pediatric Cancer Neuropsychological Needs Assessment Act” requires insurers to provide coverage for neuropsychological assessments for children with pediatric cancers which affect brain development or function.

View full text of this proposed legislation here.

A pediatric cancer diagnosis changes the lives of children and their families forever. This disease throws an unending set of challenges at patients and their support systems. Navigating the school system can be challenging for even the healthiest families, but pediatric cancer families shoulder the additional burden of caring for their sick children.

Pediatric cancer further complicates the need for specialized educational and additional resources. While most children can return to school after their cancer treatments, the impact of toxic surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy cause after-effects that hinder their learning abilities. Adding pediatric cancer to disabilities covered by insurance companies will improve families’ access to specialized educational resources for their children thus reducing health inequity. The Pediatric Cancer Neuropsychological Needs Assessment Act (S.8750. The bill has also been introduced in the Assembly, but no bill number yet) will ensure that any pediatric cancer patient covered by insurance has access to the resources they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Call to Action
This bill will only have a chance to pass through a significant, statewide advocacy effort. We need your help to make this legislation a reality. It only takes a minute, but you can make a big difference. Please email or call your legislator today!

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Organizations Who Have Signed Our Letter of Support
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Brain Tumor Network
Chad Tough
Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation
Children’s Cancer Cause
Daniela Conte Foundation
Dragon Master
The Ellie Ruby Foundation
Friends of Karen
Making Headway Foundation
Mattie Miracle Foundation
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
MIB Agents
Musella Foundation for Brain Tumor Research and Information
New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital
NYU Langone Health
Pediatric Assessment, Learning & Support (PALS)
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation
Pediatric Cancer Foundation
Solving Kids Cancer
Ty Louis Campbell Foundation
Zoefia Alexandria Foundation
* if your organization is interested in supporting this legislation, please contact Dan Lipka at 914-238-8384.