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My name is Heather, and I am a graduate student enrolled in Southern Connecticut State University’s Masters of Social Work Program. I am looking for a family to participate in my research study on how experiencing childhood cancer affects families.

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the research study is to explore the perceptions of each member of a family on how the experience of childhood cancer affects family functioning.

PARTICIPATION: Participation is voluntary. Each participating family member will be interviewed individually, and will be asked to answer a series of interview questions related to what family life was like before the diagnosis, and after surviving the experience, of childhood cancer. Participants have the option of phone interviews, video-chat interviews using Skype, and or in-person interviews (depending on geographical location).

ELIGIBILITY: For the purposes of this research study the family needs to:

  • Have experienced childhood cancer in at least one child member of the family
  • Be in survivor status for at least three years since remission status
  • Include two parents or partners
  • Be intact (parents have not been divorced and siblings have not been separated due to divorce)
  • Include at least one sibling younger than the child-patient
  • The child-patient should be 8 years of age or older
  • The youngest sibling should be no younger than 6 years of age
  • To be able to read, speak, and fully understand the English language, as it is the language the investigator will use.

WHEN: The study will take place between December 15th 2012 and February 17th 2013

CONTACT: For more information on this study, or to volunteer for participation, please contact:

Heather, MSW Student

Southern Connecticut State University

Cell Phone: (203) 927-7364


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