Training the next generation of doctors

Making Headway Foundation understands that in order for children to receive the highest quality medical services, doctors must be specially trained to understand the unique issues of pediatric brain and spinal cord tumor patients. Making Headway is helping to meet this need through the funding of our annual Pediatric Neuro-oncology Fellowship Program. Chosen from among the best doctors in the country, fellows evaluate and treat children with a broad range of brain or spinal cord tumors.  Now in its seventh year, the Making Headway Fellowship Program has been a great success; each fellow has moved forward with a robust career in pediatric neuro-oncology.

Educational Advocacy – Making Headway Program Highlight

Did you know that as a result of chemotherapy and radiation, children often develop learning disabilities. When these young survivors return to school, parents and school personnel may be unprepared for the child’s cognitive and social deficits. The children may not able to keep up with their peers, fall behind academically, and may experience rejection and social isolation. Making Headway offers free-of-charge educational counseling to address the adjustment issues related to the children’s learning disabilities and difficulties in returning to school, as well as their rights under Federal law.  This is just one of many programs operated by Making Headway to help children diagnosed with a brain or spinal cord tumor.  Learn more about this program at