Do you deduct your non cash contributions correctly? is a link to a good article from Forbes.  If you donate to charity using non-cash means, you may want to read this.

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NYU’s Unprecedented Disaster Response

Here is a link to NYU’s recent “news & views” which tells the story of their call to action following Hurricane Sandy.  We thought you might be interested in reading it.


National Day of Service

Monday is a National Day of Service to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King.  It’s a day we look outward to find ways to help others.

Personally, some of the most rewarding and cherished times of my life have come while volunteering to help others.  

So, how will you participate in a selfless act to better the lives of others?  Share your ideas with a comment. 

New Research Collaboration for Pediatric Tumors

Click the image to read the article.

We always like to see researchers collaborate!

Turn the White House Gold??


Here is a petition to light the White House for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month (September).  Sounds like a great way to shed light on the cause (pun intended).

Making Headway Named Merchant of the Week

Special thanks to Rob Greenstein and the Chappaqua Millwood Chamber of Commerce as well as New Castle NOW for featuring Making Headway Foundation as the Merchant of the Week!

Talking to children about having a brain tumor

Here is some good advice on how to talk to children about having a brain tumor. Thank you to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for this. Just click the image to go to the article.

Mother Daughter

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Thesis Student Looking For Patient Families

Making Headway has offered to post the following information for a grad student in Connecticut:



My name is Heather, and I am a graduate student enrolled in Southern Connecticut State University’s Masters of Social Work Program. I am looking for a family to participate in my research study on how experiencing childhood cancer affects families.

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the research study is to explore the perceptions of each member of a family on how the experience of childhood cancer affects family functioning.

PARTICIPATION: Participation is voluntary. Each participating family member will be interviewed individually, and will be asked to answer a series of interview questions related to what family life was like before the diagnosis, and after surviving the experience, of childhood cancer. Participants have the option of phone interviews, video-chat interviews using Skype, and or in-person interviews (depending on geographical location).

ELIGIBILITY: For the purposes of this research study the family needs to:

  • Have experienced childhood cancer in at least one child member of the family
  • Be in survivor status for at least three years since remission status
  • Include two parents or partners
  • Be intact (parents have not been divorced and siblings have not been separated due to divorce)
  • Include at least one sibling younger than the child-patient
  • The child-patient should be 8 years of age or older
  • The youngest sibling should be no younger than 6 years of age
  • To be able to read, speak, and fully understand the English language, as it is the language the investigator will use.

WHEN: The study will take place between December 15th 2012 and February 17th 2013

CONTACT: For more information on this study, or to volunteer for participation, please contact:

Heather, MSW Student

Southern Connecticut State University

Cell Phone: (203) 927-7364


Catherine Lepone promoted to Executive Director

From Making Headway Foundation President Edward P. Manley

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Catherine Lepone as Executive Director of the Making Headway Foundation, effective January 1, 2013.

Catherine served as a consultant to Making Headway beginning June 6, 2011, focusing on development activities and event management. She was appointed Director of Development effective January 1, 2012.  During the past year, she has organized and managed four new events: the highly successful “Holly’s Angels” Gala in June, as well as a golf tournament, a memorial walk and a bowling party.

This year, Catherine will continue to be responsible for all development activities and event management.  She will also assist the President by becoming familiar with and participating in the review of grant applications and the Ongoing Care Program’s psychological and educational consulting activities.

Catherine graduated cum laude from the State University of New York with a BS degree in business administration, and has had 20 years experience in various positions in the non-profit field.