Student Athletes Raises Funds for Cancer Research, Let’s Help

Millennials have been called many things, but they aren’t often acknowledged for their consistent and generous support for charities. This passion to give back is exemplified in the upcoming 4th Annual Greeley All-Athlete Walkathon.  More than a dozen local athletic teams are coming together to support Making Headway and Pediatric/Adolescent cancer research and programs that assist these children and their families.   Help support their effort by attending the event or donating to the cause.  To donate or learn more, visit #giving

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Making Headway – Patient Story (Carolyn)

Carolyn is a hard-working young woman who is currently a sophomore in high school. She is also a brain tumor survivor and lost her father when she was a young girl. Many brain tumor survivors face difficult challenges as a result of surgeries, treatments, and missed time at school.  Carolyn was experiencing difficulties after she finally returned to school, including problems with her schoolwork and anxiety about her social life. To help Carolyn, she was referred to a Making Headway Education Specialist.

Our educational specialist created a comprehensive presentation for Carolyn’s instructional team at school. She worked with them to develop creative instructional approaches, such as the use of an iPhone to take audio notes instead of written notes, as note-taking was difficult for Carolyn. Carolyn continues to show how strong she is despite all that she has been through. Her mother is extremely happy with the progress that she has made and is grateful for Making Headway’s assistance, passion and expertise.

Training the next generation of doctors

Making Headway Foundation understands that in order for children to receive the highest quality medical services, doctors must be specially trained to understand the unique issues of pediatric brain and spinal cord tumor patients. Making Headway is helping to meet this need through the funding of our annual Pediatric Neuro-oncology Fellowship Program. Chosen from among the best doctors in the country, fellows evaluate and treat children with a broad range of brain or spinal cord tumors.  Now in its seventh year, the Making Headway Fellowship Program has been a great success; each fellow has moved forward with a robust career in pediatric neuro-oncology.