Martin’s brain tumor, diagnosed when he was just two years old, resulted in brain damage that led to a variety of learning disabilities. When he reached elementary school age, Making Headway education specialist Dr. Susan Leslie, and other members of our Ongoing Care Team, worked closely with Martin’s family to ensure he would get the best education possible.
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Dr. Leslie quickly became an integral part of Martin’s local public school team. Over the years, she helped his educators carve out a streamlined program for the boy that emphasized basic academics as well as independence, safety, and life skills.

When Martin turned 18, Dr. Leslie identified a residential program for him that focused on functional life skills and job training, and his local school district agreed to finance his stay there until the age of 21. Martin has just completed his first year at the program, and has transitioned very well. He has made friends, learned how to manage public transportation on his own, and is enjoying the independence of living apart from his parents. He is also exploring a variety of future employment opportunities.

Martin has made great strides toward overcoming his disability, and he and his family are pleased to be able to envision a happy, independent future for him.