Henry’s brain tumor was discovered just before his fourth birthday and it required intensive treatment. Unfortunately, the very treatment that saved his life also left Henry with a host of challenges, including memory deficits, difficulties with executive functioning, language and motor skills problems, and more. When he reached second grade, Henry was introduced to Making Headway, where he and his family met Education Specialist Dr. Susan Leslie.
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Once Dr. Leslie had helped the family understand the various services that could make a significant difference for their son, they concluded that their local school district would not be able to provide what he needed. With Dr. Leslie’s help, they explored neighboring districts, and the family moved in time for Henry to begin third grade at a new school. At that point, Dr. Leslie became an integral part of Henry’s school team, helping them develop strategies and accommodations that would foster his school success.

Henry is currently in ninth grade and doing remarkably well. With the help of continued language and academic support services, he is working at grade level. On track for an academic diploma, Henry has every intention of attending college. In the meantime, Dr. Leslie continues to be there for him, meeting with his family and the school team regularly to review and adjust his educational plan.