Molly was a bright young elementary school student who excelled academically and was well-liked by her teachers and other students. One day she began feeling very sick and her family rushed her to the doctor. Molly had a brain tumor and required complex neurosurgery.
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Molly was lucky that the doctors were able to successfully remove her tumor, and she made further progress with the help of chemotherapy and radiation. However, Molly was left with permanent side-effects that impacted her speech, hearing, and cognitive abilities. Her school was not equipped with appropriate programs or services to provide for what she needed. Her family realized they would have to find her another school, and they were referred to Making Headway Education Specialist Patricia Weiner, who has been helping Molly ever since.

Finding the right school in a huge city can be daunting in any situation, let alone one in which there are so many special education considerations. As Molly recuperated, she was provided with home instruction. In the meantime, after spending some time learning about Molly’s issues and the family’s preferences, Ms. Weiner began researching schools and programs, eventually finding one that suited everyone’s needs. Then, she worked with the school, attending meetings and advocating for Molly, to ensure the appropriate services were in place.

As Molly grew, Ms. Weiner continued to ensure she received all the complex services, accommodations and equipment she needed. In Molly’s case, this included a one-on-one health paraprofessional; hearing and vision education services; physical, occupational, speech and language therapy; assistive physical education; a special type of hearing aid; large print books, and special homework preparation. Ms. Weiner even identified a service coordinator who could help Molly obtain a half-fare Metrocard and door-to-door school transportation.

The result? Not only did Molly graduate from High School, but she was the proud recipient of a New York State Regents Diploma, a major accomplishment for any child with special health care needs. She is now attending a special post-high school transition program, and Making Headway has arranged for another expert consultant to help her explore college options and find one that is just right for her.